Which is the best classic car auction to visit

The best classic car auction to visit is of course hey Subject of Tim, generally though there are certain auction houses that people tend to gravitate towards. The truth is that the United Kingdom has some of the finest car auction houses in the world, investors and enthusiasts from countries all across the globe flock to UK in order to take advantage of some of the sales. Fortunately for UK buyers classic cars are not in short amount, as they are in some other countries, in fact vintage cars from around the world also tend to end in the UK.

If you’re thinking of attending an auction of a classic car, where are the locations that you should be looking at? There are some big names in the car auction world all of which offer a suitable finance options to ensure that their sales can be paid for easily. Some of the most well-known names out there include places like Bonhams, Coys and Silverstone. While these all are fine auction houses that sell fantastic vintage and all cards, some people prefer certain locations more than others.

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The oldest classic car auction tends to be the best

As a general rule of thumb, most car enthusiasts will tell you that the auction houses that have been running for the longest period of time are generally still the best. The classic car auction tends to take place once a month, usually when racetracks and other car events are not being used. Be sure to check in advance when the next up-and-coming auctioneers as well as check the auctioneers book to see if your favourite cars are passing through and being sold.

There’s no denying that attending a car auction for a vintage or restored car is a great way to spend an afternoon. Whether you are currently just not, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the general atmosphere and the ability to see some of the finest cars on the planet.